OLYMPIA 2016 Great meeting in Vicenza

OLYMPIA 2016 Great meeting in Vicenza with Mirko DeFox and all Artisti No Limits staff!
Really amazing location in Vicenza, QuBi Gallery Palazzo Valmarana Braga.

Photo report here!

Fjord from Armonight and Chiara Rose (Best Magazine)

Paul &Electronics interview

Moto Armonico band and Chiara Rose

Muireann June Cash and MisterMat live performance

Muireann, Paolo colla (Sport Nazionale) and Chiara Rose 
with CD copies

Denis JAxl (Best Magazine), Paolo Colla (Sport Nazionale) 
and Paolo Gidoni (QuBi Gallery)

PREMIERE: Olympia Cartoon Project now in action

Our great artists and cartoonist from Dr. Mabuse Collettive have started the Olympia Cartoon Project!!
Now the first drawings (low resolution photos) from Elena Gasparini e Niccolò Menoncello.

Very Great!!!

Il collettivio Dr. Mabuse sotto l'egida direzione del mastermind Massimo Perissinotto ha iniziato a produrre le opere che saranno esposte presso la Wonderland Comics School di Treviso in occasione della mostra (dal 30 Luglio al 15 Settembre) collegata ad OLYMPIA 2016 e dedicata ai giochi olimpici di Rio!

Vedi il sito del collettivo Dr.Mabuse : https://drmabusecollettivo.com

Vedi la scuola del fumetto Wonderland : http://bit.ly/1OIz7Yu

SHIVAN will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project

DeFox Records announce that the gothic metal veterans SHIVAN will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project. 

Shivan were born in the 90's, from the idea of founder member Giovanni Landolina, as a band of friends in their twenties,
with a great passion for gothic/black metal (very popular in these years). In 1997 the band recorded their first four track demo titled "Bitter As Gall" (in cassette tape); it got good reviews and allowed the band to perform their first live gigs in Veneto, Italy. During the following years, took place the songwriting process, influenced by black and extreme metal while maintaining a decadent sound, that lead Shivan to record their first full-lenght "Whatever Lot's Above", released in 2002 by Pulsar Light Records. 

With Massimo "Beba" on vocals and Francesco Soccal on drums, the sound of the band changed, leaving behind the extreme side, to come closer to bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema and Moonspell and adding the anger of classic metal and dark/wave sounds. 

Several years later, this line up entered the studio to record the their second album "When Wishes Sicken": 8 tracks and a remix, done at Majestic Studios 
and published by My kingdom Music in 2007.
The band supported the release with many gigs, getting reviews, interviews and radio streams. In 2011, a cover of the song "Aurora B" by Krisma (renowned new wave/electronic band from Italy) is recorded and included in the official tribute release "Chybernation". Meanwhile, bass player Elia Dalla Pola and guitar player Fausto Cancian joined the band. Shivan are now back with a new work, which brings a more decadent and angry sound and explores the lives of each member through their emotions, fears and aspirations.

"Necessary Illusions", recorded by Rossano Palù (DB Boulevard/La Fuertezza), features 8 tracks of speed/gothic metal, where the listener is on the edge 
between the abyss and the sublime.
For fans of Anathema, Paradise Lost, Moonspell and Tiamat.

Line up 2015:   
Massimo “Beba” Buonerba – voice 
Giovanni Landolina – guitar, keyboards 
Elia Dalla Pola – bass 
Francesco Soccal – drums 
Fausto Cancian - guitar

Band site : http://www.shivan-ve.com
FB Band contact : https://www.facebook.com/shivanmetal
Label contact : http://heartofsteel.nlz.it
Press Office : http://www.dvlgator.eu

OLYMPIA 2016 CD copies ready

OLYMPIA 2016 "The end of the games" CD copies ready!!!
If you want your free copy PLEASE support us for the shipping cost only! 

You can contribute for shipping cost with a small donation

OLYMPIA 2016 The end of the games DIGITAL Version

DeFox Records announce the official digital tracklist of "OLYMPIA 2016 The end of the games" the product will be launch on digital market in all device format, in all biggest music stores as iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Deezer, Spotify

The artwork by RRR Remi Real Rock is different than the version that will be produced on CD format!

DIGITAL Track list  :
01. A Bat's project (Daniele Bat Maraspin) ITA
02. Unchain My Broken Heart (Anastasio Farini) GRC
03. Skybell (Tiny Setback) BRA
04. When night falls (Alicate) SWE
05. Why (Muireann June Cash)  ITA
06. Miss Valentino (Serena Rock Band) ITA
07. Falling dame (The Sliding Tube) ITA
08. Pirates and cowboys (Bad Luck Train) BRA
09. Black Rebel (Using Bridge) ITA
10. Call of insanity (The Sacrificed) BRA
11. Time for a change (Mindfuel) SWE
12. Lost It All (Breaking Chain) UK
13. Son of Thunder (Brave) BRA
14. Love for a day (Daily Noise Club) BUL
15. Without An Illusion (Shivan) ITA
16. Just can't go on (Onnirica) BRA
17. Prayer of the king (Fearless) BRA
18. Mictecacihuatl (Miquian) MEX

DeFox Records announce the official CD tracklist

DeFox Records announce the official CD tracklist of  "OLYMPIA 2016 The end of the games", the product will include 16 songs from international Rock bands;

01. A Bat's project (DANIELE BAT MARASPIN) - Italia                           
02. Unchain My Broken Heart (ANASTASIO FARINI) - Greece                   
03  Crank (ANOTHEROX) - Switzerland                                                      
04. When night falls (ALICATE) - Sweden                               
05. Gypsy Girl (ARMONIGHT) - Italia                                                
06. Cold (R aka RICCARDO FAVARA) - Italia/UK                          
07. I will be there (MISTERMAT) - Italia                                             
08. Why (MUIREANN JUNE CASH) - Italia                                           
09. Free (PAUL & ELECTRONICS) - Italia                                              
10. Miss Valentino (SERENA ROCK BAND) - Italia                  
11. Without An Illusion (SHIVAN) - Italia                           
12. "Skin as snow" (MOTO ARMONICO) - Italia                                   
13. Lost It All (BREAKING CHAIN) - UK                                          
14. Son of Thunder (BRAVE) - Brazil                                              
15. The game (SYMPTOMEN) - Brazil                                              
16. Mictecacihuatl (MIQUIAN) - Mexico

About the SPECIAL project: "OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)"
the CD sampler is not for sale - it spreading for free among labels/musicians/gig-fests orgs/just a fans etc etc

Printed copies of the CD do not exceed 5.000 copies ... is a product exclusively for promotional purposes and not commercial! 

The digital version of this CD will only appear on Youtube...the player will be shared thru media partners in each homepage site!


The swiss Power trio ANOTHERoX will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

DeFox Records announce that the swiss Power trio ANOTHEROX will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

The song titled "Crank" will be published on CD format only.

«What is AnotherOx?! An animal?!»
AnotherOx is a «kick ass live trio testosterone-loaded band» emerging from a winter 2012 evening in the brisk city of Orbe, Switzerland. A nervous bassist singer, T-bo, an explosive guitar with in-you-face riffs, Vince Green, and a kick-ass drummer, Match Pink! The 3 friends are creating dynamite cocktail to propel you through Texan deserts, damp Bayous and abrupt Alaskan mountain landscapes.

T-bo Range: Chant & basse
Vince Green: Guitare & chant 

Match Pink: Batterie

Italian rock band MOTO ARMONICO will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project

DeFox Records announce that the italian rock band MOTO ARMONICO will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

The Moto Armonico's are a band from Verona and plays a rock genre with progressive and metal influence.
The song titled "Skin as snow" will be published on CD format only.

I Moto Armonico sono una band Veronese che suona un repertorio di inediti di genere rock-metal con venature progressive in lingua Inglese.
Unitisi nel settembre 2010 la band agli inizi proponeva un rock italiano (e qualche composizione in inglese decisamente più metal) con venature “progressive”.
Alla voce solista la cantautrice Patty Simon, con la quale realizzano il primo CD “Moto Armonico” pubblicato nel novembre 2012.
Nel febbraio 2013 la band decide di dedicarsi ad un genere più metal-progressive e cantato in Inglese.
Patty Simon lascia il gruppo e al suo posto a maggio arriva il cantante Luca Adami.
A gennaio 2016 entra ufficialmente alla voce Marco Vantini.

La band sta lavorando al terzo CD che segue l'uscita di "Down to Timavo" pubblicato nel 2014 dalla Andromeda Relix di Gianni Della Cioppa.

La nuova formazione dei MOTO ARMONICO :
Uccio Ghezzer (chitarra), 
Christian Pasin (tastiera), 
Marco Parker Vantini (voce), 
Giampi Tomezzoli (basso), 
Alessandro Veronesi (batteria)

Foto courtesy by: Mario Vugan Piemontese


OLYMPIA 2016 è anche COMICS

"OLYMPIA 2016" sarà anche una mostra tematica di disegni a fumetti, dedicata alle discipline sportive olimpiche, che vedrà coinvolti gli autori del collettivo Dr.Mabuse e gli allievi della scuola di fumetto Wonderland di Treviso.

La direzione artistica sarà affidata a Massimo Perissinotto conosciuto come fumettista, scrittore, saggista, sceneggiatore, critico cinematografico e letterario, illustratore, curatore di antologie letterarie e di progetti legati al fumetto, pubblicitario, insegnante di scrittura creativa e di storia e tecnica del fumetto, redattore e organizzatore di mostre ed eventi.
La mostra "Olympia 2016" dedicata al fumetto, all'illustrazione che incontra le Olimpiadi, si potrà visitare dal 30 di Luglio e fino al 15 di Settembre, presso la nuova sede della scuola Wonderland a Treviso, un evento dove si daranno appuntamento esponenti del mondo della musica, del fumetto e dello sport.

Vedi il sito del collettivo Dr.Mabuse : https://drmabusecollettivo.com

Vedi la scuola del fumetto Wonderland : http://bit.ly/1OIz7Yu

"OLYMPIA 2016" will also be a exhibition of drawings and illustrations devoted to Olympic sports, organized by Dr. Mabuse and the students of the school of comics Wonderland in Treviso.

The artistic director will be entrusted by Massimo Perissinotto known as a cartoonist,writer, screenwriter, Illustrator, curator of projects related to comics, advertising, teacher of creative writing and history and technique of comics, editor and organizer of exhibitions and events.
The exhibition "Olympia 2016" dedicated to comics, illustration will be open from 30 July until 15 September, at the new gallery of the Wonderland 
school in Treviso, an event where partecipating members from the worlds of music, sports and comics.

Visit collettivo Dr.Mabuse : https://drmabusecollettivo.com

Visit comics School Wonderland : http://bit.ly/1OIz7Yu

OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)

May 01 2016 - "OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)"

After the great success achieved for the compilation dedicated to games in London 2012, DEFOX RECORDS is proud to announce the Rock Music tribute to 2016 Olympic games in Rio!
This operation aims to highlight the power, passion and dynamism of Sport, expression like the Rock music!
The compilation with Rock bands called "OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)" will be published in digital and CD format in July 15.

The project will be officially launched in Italy in July with a very important event in a place called Palazzo Valmarana Braga in Vicenza.

Artwork and photo by RRR Remi Real Rock.

The list of artists and bands will be revealed soon!

The Association, Portals and Media partners that support us:

# MAIN Partners:


# MEDIA Partners:


Mexican MIQUIAN will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project

Heart Of Steel Records announce that the mexican Power Progressive Metal band MIQUIAN will be included in OLYMPIA Rio 2016 project.

This project play Prehispanic Metal and we can listen all songs with the theme and lyrics of the ancient Aztecs.
Martin Martínez  is the mastermind (Xipe Totec, Eclectic Spawn, Yatrogeny, Dew Of Nothing, Consolamentum), he play all instruments.

The Album titled “Tlaltecuhtli” contains 8 songs Influenced Queensryche, Helloween, Steel Attack, Forbidden, Children Of Bodom, Nocturnal Rites. 
The digital release is now available since 2015, October 25th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...
Produced by Martin Martinez.
The album has many passages of Pre-Hispanic instruments, as on this occasion, they have added a "jaguar flute" to the sounds of wind, which is heard as if it were an extra voice; 2 types of rattles, reed flutes, huehuetl, and other drums.

MIQUIAN currently is 
Martín Martínez - Guitar, bass, drums,  Prehispánic instruments, 
César del Aguila - Vocals,
Jovany López Martínez- Keyboards.



Brazilian band SYMPTOMEN will be part of OLYMPIA the end of the games RIO 2016

Heart Of Steel Records announce that the brazilian Traditional Heavy Metal band SYMPTOMEN will be part of OLYMPIA the end of the games RIO 2016.

Symptomen is an Heavy Metal band from Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil, Founded in May 2011.
The band is influenced by the very best 80s and 90s Heavy Metal bands, with heavy riffs and lyrics expressing about actual society's problems and personal life experiences.

In 2012 the band win a Contest/festival in a battle of the bands against other 9 metal groups, the prize is a recording of a professional video clip.
The video of the song titled "Living in Danger" taken from the first album "Men Against Men", released in September 2012 on their Youtube channel.
Songs like "Back to the 80’s", "Symptom Men" and "Army of the Children" from this album were also very acclaimed by the audience.
The first CD receive great reception by the audience and critics, with good reviews and sales in Brazil and other countries like Portugal, England, Belgium, Japan and Argentina. 

In April 2014 the band has released their second official album entitled "Into The Future".
Already with great reception in Brazil and England, this success has helped to get a record deal for the worldwide distribution of the product.
The songs "2 Lives 2 Live", "About to Blow", "Heavy Metal in Blood" and "Freedom War" are considered the highlights.

Iago Pedroso (Vocals /Guitars)
Tiago R. Floyd (Guitars)
Manassés Procópio (Bass Guitar)
Ricardo Menezes (Drums)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/symptomen.online
Youtube : www.youtube.com/BandaSymptomen

Site: http://symptomen.nlz.it
Label: http://heartofsteel.nlz.it
Press bureau: http://dvlgator.nlz.it

MISTERMAT will be parte of the project OLYMPIA RIO 2016

MISTERMAT will be parte of the project OLYMPIA the end of the games RIO 2016"

MisterMat (Matteo Favretto) was born in Padua in 1977. He grew up in a family where music was a matter of great importance. His father is a professional drum player, his uncle a popular guitar player among the local musical scene, but every member of the family play an istrument, either for their own personal pleaure or as a real job.
His grandfather was his first teacher and a relevant, fundamental figure for the developing of his art and musical knowledge. He was an exellent violinist, lutemaker, well known because of his talent and his amazing musical activity.
MisterMat begins to play guitar at the age of seven, studing modern and classical music. When he was forteen he was engaged by his father orchestra and that was the beginning of his career. During this period, playing with his father orchestra, he also recorded songs as "Momenti d'Amore" and "Rosa Rosa" along with the orchestra called "Filo di Seta". After this achievement many live concerts, television videos and collaboration with exellent musicians and professional people has followed.

Aiming to express fully his own experience and to merge different sounds and music genre, he kept studing harmony and musical composition for guitar and Voicecraft for the singing. After leaving the orchestras he dedicate himself to his own real passion for rock and blues music, beginning to cooperate with important names of the musical scene  for many years. During his live shows he plays a repertory which fully represent his great love for music. 
The song "Sola" (produced as a single by DivinazioneMilano) is an ambitious attempt to write a blues song but sung in italian. This attempt represent a turning point in his musical career. New cooperation and new singles followed such as "Fly" and "Make Me Smile" (Ed. by Smilax) "Paia Pa Pa" (Ed. by Frontman).
MisterMat is a guitarist with an essential, incisive style and an energetic voice. He is able to create the athmosphere of a musical journey throught his own songs and the hits which marked the history of Rock and Blues music, playing them all with his own inner style making them sound unique.

The album titled "Girl in trouble" contains 12 songs with the influence including blues, soul, rock and R&B. The digital release is now available since 2015, March 01th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Produced by Mat Favretto and Franco Maria Serena, recorded at Little House studios, Mastered by Loris Pionieri at Oronero, pictures by Paolo Didonè.

Opening show band for Aldo Tagliapietra(Le Orme), Andrea Braido, Chuck Ffrayers (Sorrows), Enzo Gragnaniello, Toni Cercola, Silvia Mezzanotte. With Enrico Santacatterina (Giganti,Riccardo Fogli, Koma Wave) Rudy Rotta, Adriano Vettore, Franco Serena (The Ranger Sound, I ragazzi dai capelli verdi), Franco Capovilla (I Delfini), Trutz Gtoth (Kim & The Kadillacs).

"Fender Stratocaster 50th anniversary, 1954/2004"
"Jimi Hendix tribute ed. 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008"
"Terramossa ed.2004,2005"-"Beatlesmania 2005"-"Rovigo beat 2006"-"Gigapaluusa 2006,2007"-"Rocknote2006"-"Sosteniamo la musica indipendente2006" "Gigapaluusa acustic love festival 2006"-"Valdagno blues festival 2007"-"Obiettivo Blues'in 2007"-"Pub Italia 2008"-"Bacchiglionebeat" ed. 2003,2004,2006,2009,20011,2013,2014"

Momenti d'amore(1996 Ed.FLYRECORDS), Rosa Rosa (1998 Ed.FLYRECORDS) Bacchiglionebeat (ed. Club degli artisti) Make me smile (2009 ed.Oronero Ed. Smilax) Fly (2009 ed.Oronero ed. Smilax) 

Artist site: http://mistermat.nlz.it
Label site: http://music.nerocromo.com
Press bureau: http://dvlgator.nlz.it

Brazilian BRAVE will be included in Olympia Rio 2016

Heart Of Steel Records announce that the brazilian Power Traditional Metal band BRAVE will be part of "OLYMPIA the end of the games RIO 2016".

The album titled “Kill The Bastard” contains 8 songs full of power and energy, an earthquake of drums and a guitar riffs devastating as an erupting volcano. 
The digital release will be available in February 27th, 2016 on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

The band was formed in Sao Paulo early 1998, and the sound is a strong traditional Heavy Metal, in vein of cult heroes as Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Accept, Virgin Steele... 
The debut "full length" entitled "The Last Battle" published in March 2013 has received many positive reviews and worldwide acclaim.

Brave are winner of two festivals in Brazil, as Fest Rock festival in the city of Itu-SP in 2002, among more than 30 bands of the same stage, and also in the year 2011 due to "Blackmore Rock Bar" Sao Paulo-SP with over 30 participating bands.
The band is acclaimed throughout South America and receives great reviews on music magazines such as Rock Brigade and Stryke Magazine.

Two albums published and the last “Kill The Bastard” contains 8 songs full of power and energy, an earthquake of drums and a guitar riffs devastating as an erupting volcano. 
The digital release is now available since February 27th, 2016 on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

FB Band contact : https://www.facebook.com/BravePowerMetal
Label contact : http://heartofsteel.nlz.it
Press Office : http://www.dvlgator.eu


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